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Therapy for Children & Adolescents



Is your child or teen feeling stressed, having difficulty navigating peer relationships, or struggling with their self-esteem? Childhood and adolescence can be a confusing and overwhelming time for many, and it can be full of transitions, competing stressors, and uncertainty regarding who they are or where they belong. In our sessions, I strive to co-create a safe space where they can talk through the things that are most on their mind. By following their pace and providing support and guidance along the way, we can work to lessen the overwhelming impact of emotions, untangle confusing and painful beliefs, and find ways to navigate the situations in which they feel stuck. 


I value collaborating with parents, educators/school counselors, and other providers (including psychiatry, primary care, occupational therapy, and speech therapy) to create a comprehensive support network. My approach is tailored based on your child's developmental age, their current needs, and their preferred methods of self-expression. My clinical training and experience includes: child-centered play therapy, expressive arts and activity-based therapy, cognitive behavioral therapies (including trauma-focused and acceptance and commitment therapy), and insight-oriented therapy (e.g., psychodynamic/object-relations and attachment-based). 

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