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Couples Therapy & Family Therapy



Communication difficulties are often at the center of couple and family conflict; partners and family members may feel missed, disconnected, unheard, and misunderstood. Couples and family sessions are geared toward reworking the communication and interaction patterns that may have become ingrained in your partnership or family unit - to assist in rebuilding trust, connection, and cohesion. Learning about ourselves, the ways we show up in our relationships, and our response tendencies can shed important light on these patterns, the relational needs that are unmet within them, and ways to step outside of them. One of the most important first steps in our work together is to begin seeing these overarching patterns as the reasons for pain, rather than treating the pain as being the fault of an individual partner or family member. 

Couples and family sessions are informed by insight-oriented (attachment-based and psychodynamic/object relations), cognitive behavioral, interpersonal/relational, mindfulness-based, family systems, emotion-focused, child-parent (CPP), and child parent relational therapies (CPRT).

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