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Psychological Services


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Areas of Specialty


Our bodies and brains are hardwired to take care of us, to look out for danger, and to alert us of anything that may go awry. But what do we do when our internal alarm systems have over-adapted and are now overactive? I work with clients in reframing their relationship with anxiety: to identify and navigate current stressors, to uncover their beliefs fueling their anxious cycles, to build their perceptions of self-efficacy in the face of stressors, and to lessen their fear of fear itself. 

Trauma & PTSD

As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I have extensive experience supporting individuals in navigating the impacts of relational trauma. My clinical training and experience has focused on intimate partner violence/domestic violence, sexual assault, physical and emotional abuse, and the trauma inherent in foster care / residential treatment placements. I'm passionate about working with individuals on lessening the constraints that trauma and PTSD can have on their lives.

Neurodivergence & Executive Functioning

I enjoy working with neurodivergent individuals (e.g., ADHD, Autism, SPD) and their families to better understand themselves, the strengths and uniqueness of their differently-wired brains, and the areas in which they feel stuck. I utilize a neurodiversity-affirming lens that emphasizes seeing the whole person and that integrates their preferences related to sensory processing, communication and relationships, and special interests. I value collaborating with other service providers and joining with the individual and family at any stage of the diagnostic and self-discovery process. 

Additional Areas of Specialty Include:

Academic Stress / High Achieving Adolescents


Anger Management / Emotion Regulation

Behavioral Difficulties

Communication Difficulties

Coping Skills & Resilience


Domestic Violence / Intimate Partner Violence

Family Conflict

Grief & Loss

Learning Differences

Life Transitions

Marital / Pre-Marital

Parent-Child Relationships

Parenting Support

Peer Relationships

Relationship Stress & Conflict

School Difficulties

Self-Esteem & Self-Compassion

Sexual Abuse


Work/Life Balance

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Therapy Services


Therapy for Children & Adolescents

Parenting Support

Therapy session

Individual Therapy for Adults

Couples Therapy & Family Therapy

Psychologist Session

Comprehensive Psychological Testing

Whether you are looking for diagnostic clarification, a deeper understanding of areas of strength and challenge, or a more complete picture of your experiences with individualized recommendations for supports, a comprehensive psychological evaluation can be an integral component of treatment. Each testing battery is personalized for you, based on your concerns, your experiences, and the specific questions you have about your cognitive, executive, academic, emotional, or behavioral functioning. If you have questions about the testing process or testing fees, or if you would like to consult to see if psychological testing could be a good next step for you, contact me here


Services & Specializations: Services
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