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Parenting Support


Father and Son Playing

Being a parent is a tough. Regardless of the age of your child(ren), it can be easy to feel stuck or overwhelmed when trying to navigate the complexities of your child's development. It's common for parents to feel overwhelmed, burned out, or exhausted, especially when trying to discover the best approaches for you and your family. 

In our sessions, we partner together to work through parenting challenges while gaining deeper understanding and compassion for both you and your child. We can build additional insights into the expectations you hold for yourself and your family, while uncovering how many of these beliefs may have been shaped by your own experiences and upbringing. Using your values to guide the way, our sessions focus on developing and tailoring parenting strategies that align with the type of relationship you want to foster with your child, and that can support greater cohesion, respect for your and your child's humanness, and increased connection.

Depending on your preferences and the needs of your family, we may wish to focus solely on parenting-only sessions or a combination of parenting and family sessions. Reach out today if you'd like to discuss how this might look for you and your family.

Looking for additional parenting support?

I've partnered with my wonderful colleague, Dr. Melissa Connally, to provide parenting support you can access on your own time. Our educational parenting courses are grounded in research and clinical experience, and they are well suited for either individual study or for pairing with therapy.

You can find a list of our courses here.

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