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Group Therapy


Group Meeting


Group Therapy can be a powerful way to connect with others who have shared experiences in a safe and supportive environment, while continuing to gain a deeper understanding of your experiences and needs. Group therapy can be useful as a supplement to a larger treatment regimen, which may include individual therapy and/or psychopharmacology, or it can be helpful as a stand-alone support.

The following virtual groups are currently enrolling members, with an estimated start in the fall. Contact me if you would like more information about any of these groups or if you would like to add your name to the enrollment list.

Group Offerings

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College Transition Group

Graduating high school and entering college, whether near or far, can be a big step. There are so many changes to your day-to-day life: from friendships, to academics, and possibly to your living situation. This process group is meant to be a place of support and connection as members adjust to the new demands and experiences that college can bring.



45 minutes | $70 per group session

High School Seniors & College Application Support

You've made it to senior year! While you are in the final stretch of high school, the college application process can feel daunting and stressful. This group provides a mixture of peer support, exploration, and psychoeducation, the latter of which focuses on executive functioning skills such as time management, planning, and organization tools to aid you as you navigate the application process.

45 minutes | $70 per group session


Parenting Support Group

Being a parent can be tough. This group is for parents who may be experiencing behavioral challenges at home, feeling burnt out or disconnected, or navigating the impact of their child's diagnostic profile. With a safe place to process and connect with others with shared experiences, and specific parenting support, this group is designed to aid you in navigating your parenting concerns while fostering attunement, connection, and stronger communication at home. 

45 minutes | $70 per group session

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